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Applying Tech For Good

Hi! I’m Thuy Pham. I’m dedicated to fostering a supportive and inclusive space where change makers can leverage technology for a better future.

Need feedback or pragmatic insights to implement your ideas? I believe in the power of collaboration and sharing lessons learned to clear the path forward.

With over two decades in tech, working with startups and major corporations, I’m set to guide you past the noise to launch your project so you can connect with your audience, without tech overwhelm.

Never feel alone on your journey anymore. Life is too short to keep your ideas in your notebook. Let’s turn your vision into concrete action steps.


Practical Guidance & Informed Decisions

Stay Focused, Stay Ahead

You have limited resources and no time to waste. Get practical support and guidance to stay focused on your goals and to overcome the challenges of your projects.

Leverage Technologies

Build your business using simple yet effective tools to get things done. Embrace technology not just as a time-saver, but as a way to enhance human capability.

Grow With Your Peers

You are not alone in your quest for change. Engage with other smart minds and lifelong learners who understand your journey, your struggles, and your aspirations.

About Us

As part of the daring hive, we have a shared desire to make a positive impact around us. Here, you’ll find the support needed to transform your ideas into actions, and to streamline your business with a solid foundation.
Join us and commit to taking the next step toward launching your project!

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